The Life Story of Danielle Lancelot Watson

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"Falling Into Place"





Film synopsis…

Adventurous, hard-charging Danielle Lancelot Watson, makes a carefree decision to go rock climbing in Colorado. Nearly three hundred feet up a cliff face, the worst happens, as she is sent free-falling to the ground. Miraculously, Danielle lives, the only person to survive a fall from such a height.  Although her body was broken, her spirit has soared to even greater heights. Before long, she fulfills a lifelong dream to ride again.  Falling Into Place, highlights Danielle’s new outlook on life. Her perseverance inspires us all.

HoFIP_GirlPowerPoster2w we found Danielle…

In 2014, GoHawkeye partnered with ReActive Adaptations to sponsor a contest, open to anyone with a physical disability, for the coveted prize of a new custom built, off-road hand cycle. Entrants were asked to submit an essay detailing how they became disabled, obstacles they have had to overcome and how this bike would change their lives. The intent was to adapt the winning story into the next short film produced by GoHawkeye. DWHeadshot
We received so many incredibly dramatic and inspiring stories but ultimately we could choose only one and after much deliberation,
Danielle Lancelot Watson was selected as the winner. Danielle became paralyzed after a rock climbing accident. In an instant, she was physically changed forever but unexpectedly during the rehabilitation, her mental outlook reached new heights as the pieces of her life began Falling Into Place.

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